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BREATHE FOR ME — keithgarrettpoetry

BREATHE FOR ME Step outside Into the morning light, Breathe deep, breathe In life, Precious Is the day, who doesn’t give thanks for many a breath always. Breathe for me as your life force Is seen with each day, with eyes of green, Breathe for me so that you don’t go away, for you, I […]

via BREATHE FOR ME — keithgarrettpoetry

This  poem touches me  deeply because  it  reflects  the  frustration in my life  on issues relating to health.  It also considers  life  experiences,  not  actually words about  actually breathing  but the sense of  gathering unto ones self  the  need for  “fresh Air”.  The sense of  gathering  health,  relaxation, or  nutrition for oneself.  Oxygen goes into our  lungs and comes  out  as  cabin monoxide.  So  cleaning  ones  lungs and  could mean many things. Wonderful  work.  I share because this  is  truly noteworthy poetry!



  A story of love put forth in music…..breathing in and exhaling  deeply for the loss of  one  person so loved,  so caring  in life….


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