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Keeping Summer in Your Heart

I have  been stuck in the house most of  the  summer.  Seven  Days  a week, 24 hours a day.  How  do I keep myself  from  getting  too down about it?  I keep summer in my heart.  There are  happy memories and  joyful  thoughts that  give me  grace.  So  I keep the moments  free of  anger,  and resentment.  There are  time of  sadness or bewilderment  for the  questions  surrounding me being  locked up in my house.

I have multiple  medical issues;  I had a car accident  that  took my car away; I have a limited income.  But  I can  sit and write this  small blog to keep myself  going. Keep your  dreams in your  heart mind and soul.  Do not  give in to complete depression.  I look at  my  circumstances and  I try to appreciate the kindness of the  people around me  and  try not  to give up because  others  have  not  given up on me  and my family.  So I try to keep my chin up and  look up and  have a  mind and  spirit of  thankfulness.

So if you are like me  and  are  stuck in the house  for reasons that are  beyond your  control,  know that you are  not  alone.

Till next blog…



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