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J. Marion Sims the Father of Gynecology and Use of Slave Women and Babies

Just  when I thought  I had  understood it  all,  heard it  all and  was  teaching  and explaining  the  depths of  the slave trade of  Negroes in the  United  States,Carribean Islands  and  the  world;  I was  shocked by a  Facebook post.  Yes  once  again  the  Negroes, or  blacks,  or  African Americans  whichever you choose  to use,  can  now  list  one more abuse that  we have  suffered.  But  the unique  aspect of  this  is  quite intimate and  humiliating  for me.  It  comes to me in a way that  hurts deep down  and  shows a betrayal of  man upon mankind itself.  However,  despite  that  bad  aspects that  seem to be outweighed by  the  good  outcome  is  still painful  nonetheless.   I am  hurt  by  the usage of  Negro Slave  women  by Doctor  J. Marion Sims.  Yes,  he  had  a  higher  purpose in his  experimentation on Slaves,  but  what is  the  difference  between Hitler medical experimentation on  Jewish  children,  and  the disabled,  men and  women.  Abuse  of  another human  for the purpose  of  knowledge is ethical?

According  to the Wikipedia information about  Dr. J. Marion Sims,  it  seems that  the  Negro women did only receive  opium after  he  did his  REPAIRS on them.  Dr. J. Marion Sims used  at least  30 Negro Slave women and  countless babies for  experimentation.  Dr. J. Marion Sims  did not  give  any anesthesia   He  thought that was not  necessary for  Negro slaves.  He  used a  shoe makers awl  to manipulate the  bones of  Negro babies to adjust  their skulls. So  what is the the benefit of  killing  children  for the future benefit of  mankind.   Can you explain to me  why  it was acceptable.

Anyway,  I just  wanted to share this…what do you think of  this?  Google  Dr. J. Marion Sims…tell me  what you think. and  remember  SPEAK OUT!


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