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GENETICS WISE! Poetry about SCIENCE BY JAYJEWELZ!(((jayjewels is riveroflifelisajoy’s son–just in case you did not know it!))


Jay Jewels Art Seventh grade artWhat will you get genetics wise?

What will be the color of your eyes?

Blue or Brown which colors  more dominant?

Like the color of your eyes now that’s more prominant.

Or you can get genes that are recessive

And really are…less excessive

It’s the chromosomes that give you your traits.

But, first they’re all together like tiny crates.

They go through a process called meiosis.

This could be furocious!

Homozygous alleles are the same

Heterozgous you’ll see you’ll get a change.

We come out in  our own way.

And then we meet each other every single day.

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