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Fun fun fun fun! It is Summer!

IMG_20130609_142836_2To most  people  summer  is  a great  time  to  relax  and  enjoy their  families and  go on trips. However  for me  this  year  is  a bit  different.  I am  stuck in the  house  seven days  a week twenty fore hours  a day.  Several things  happened this  year….I had  a unforeseen accident and  I have several medical  issues  I must  address.  So  there you have it.  But  wait…does that  mean  I am  not having  any fun?  Not  at  all!  Let  me  give you the  run down on what  to do  when  you are stuck in your house and  cannot  get  out  due to circumstances …here  goes!


My  love  of  singing  keeps me  busy and  my  love  of  my  wild  birds  outside my  house  keeps me  even  busier.  I wake up in the  morning  and  I go  feed them  seeds  and  a few crusts  of  bread.  

I  find  this  time of day the best…so  serene and  peaceful.  I  wake up at about  5:30.  I  walk to the back  door and  sit on the  ramp.  I have  a  nice  lounge  chair. My little  friends  come  out,  the  squirrels,  the  sparrows,  the  peasants,  the pigeons, and  even  starlings.  They  know  my voice…but  I am  very quiet at  this  time of the  morning.  So  I just  throw the  seeds  off of my  ramp and  sit  back  and  watch the  show.  Sometimes  I am  in  a lot of  pain so  I just  close my eyes  and  put my  head back on the  chair. Wow, you need  to get up before  the  world  starts  moving  and  sit quietly,  you will feel  different for the rest of your  day. 

Recently my  son gave  me  his  Cannon EOS T3 Digital Camera. I enjoy this  a lot.  I have  posted at least 363 pictures on flicker!  They  are variety of  pictures that  range from the  wild birds eating  seeds to  the  many shapely clouds that  I see early in the  morning  directly over my  head. I have  a great  love of  the  sky.  I get  sleepy sometimes  while  I gaze up at the  clouds  and   take  a little  nap.  Taking  a nap  sometimes  helps  pain,  and  exhausting that  comes from lack of sleep from pain. So  my  early  morning  prayer and  wild  bird feeding  is  fun!

My  son is  a graphic  art and  design major.  He  also  writes  music on his  computer.  I  enjoy hours  of  talking to him about  his  goals  and listening to his  write songs  and  play them  for  me  and  his  grandmother, (my mother).  Sometimes  he  does not  go to sleep until 4:00 in the morning.  So  if I am  not  well,  I may  be up  with him till the  crack of  dawn….hence my 5:30 am bird feeding.

Yes  sometimes  I am  groggy most of  the  day  but  if the pain persists that  is  what  I have  to deal with.  But  I can forget those  aches  and pains  when I  sit and enjoy  my  sons’ music. Sometimes  laying  on my back, or  sides  is  difficult and that  is  why  I do not  sleep well.

But  anyway,  another  fun  activity  is  watching  adventure movies made for the summer!  I have at least 40 or  so movies in a  book binder.  I have  been watching  Annaconda!  It  is  such  a  C List  movie  and  the  OVER  ACTING against the CGI Snake  is  hilarious!  I even  got my  son  to see how funny it  is!  Another  good  movie I have in my collection is  Thor…#1.  It is  adventure and  romance rolled into one!  I  recently found  Dr. Doolittle in my  collection!  My son was even  happy!  For  a 21 year old  to  feel  nostalgia for such  a  movie brings  a feeling  a  closeness and  reminds  me  of  my younger  pain free days  with my “little boy’..

Fun Fun Fun in the summer….even  if I cannot  make it to the  beach or  park…I have found  fun inside the house!  Try it  sometime…you might  even  save a few  bucks!  

Till next  time,  RiverofLifeLisajoy


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