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I like yarn
Yarn is soft…yarn feels nice
when I work it into a scarf
Yarn glides over my hands and
fingers and
I feel comforted
by its simple soft
I like to see my yarn work
into a project
to forever hold its
I like yarn because
it gives me a new
place to hide
each tiny thought,
feeling and idea
as I work the yarn through
my fingers and hands
Jogging has the
same feeling, as
well as swimming laps
As you weave, jog,or
swim you begin to
take the action or the
movement into normal
automatic movement
and then your thoughts
begin to sway with each
pull of thread, or each step of
your foot for jogging,
or each swing of your arm for
And then suddenly you are not
in the immediate world of
knitting, jogging, or swim…
Your thoughts have taken
over and you brain presents
relived moments, conversations,
hugs, kisses, visions of a sunrise,
or sunset, plans for tomorrow,
thoughts of even some events
that have to be evaluated and
come to concious level —giving
way to analyization and so on…
So I like yarn….I get so
much accomplished while
I sit and do repetitive
movements like knitting!
I find comfort in yarn…
yes I do!

How about you??


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  wildthymeoriginals wrote @

LOVE THIS! It’s absolutely beautiful! I’m just learning to knit, so I’m mostly concentrating on over, under, through and the like. I do however, get into that lovely repetitive meditative state when I crochet or sew. Thanks for the inspiration.

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