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i feel most alone when:

…I see couples walking hand in hand,
…When I see young mothers with new
born babes in their arms ..cooing to the
….when I see couples playing with their
toddler and enjoying his/her first steps!
….when I see families gathered at a
resturant table for a birthday or family
….When I see a family returing from
a vacation with their suit cases from
Disney World/Disney Land!
…..When I see married couples and their
children returning from church,
….When I return home from church, and
realize it is just me, my mother and my
son…and there is no husband for me to
hug, joke or love…
….I feel phsyically alone, but not spiritually
I know God is there, and God will never leave
me….God will never forsake me….But God
also understands me…
So even if you read this…and you do not
understand me….I know that God does
understand my loss of a intimate personal
life with my X-husband….I know that God
knows and understands, that while I love
him…I miss the actually phsyical contact
that married life had given me over
15 years ago…I know that God does not
hold anger against me for feeling lonely…
So it is okay for me to write this little thing
about aloneness…even with God’s love
in great supply in my life….
So read, and learn….it is alright to have
feelings…as long as they stay in the
right place and do not over take you and
overwhelm you.
Pray, and stay in peace, seek God’s direction
in all that you do.


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