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I prayed before I entered the doctors office.
I thought, okay, walk yourself through the
steps of the medical evalution
But nothing could prepare me for that
pain….absolutely NOTHING!
The Doctor told me to breath, take breaths…
I was not prepared for that!
Can your body betray you?
Women? You know what I mean…right?
I felt betrayed and hurt.
But the nurse was very compassionate…not
about my pain, but instead about my
marital status.
My X-husband has been missing for 10 years.
So we changed my status in the file.
She told me to pray so that I receive
closure on my life, and my X-husbands
Well, if I gained nothing else on this very
very, painful day—-I received insight into
a very painful lack of a personal life as well.
Just keep it moving and keep a positive
But hey…you want to see that God
definitely has a sense of humor?
As I was leaving the doctors office, I ran onto
the elevator and I felt the man on the
elevator staring at me!
I was immediately annoyed…I looked up
and it was one of my bosses from WORK!
I laughed, because he definitely was
not expected!
I guess he had a medical appointment…
I wondered if he had the same negative
physical pain as I just experienced?!
He was laughing too, He said he had
wondered if it was me.
I just laughed along with him and
we both exited the elevator going
our separate ways.
Funny thing. He was my boss over
15 years ago when I had been pregnant
with my son…he had seen and spoke to
my X-husband…before all of the loss and
So strange, that the nurse told me I
needed closure…and there was someone
who had knew my X-husband.
LIfe is strange uh?!
Oh, well, despite my frustration with my
severely, breath taking painful medical
examination…I guess I also addressed
a severely painful family tragedy as well.
What a day for learning.—
So can your body betray you?


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