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In your embrace,
I want to be
Don’t allow the world
and it’s woes to
come between us
Hold me dear, hold me
Your arms enfold me
gently and firmly
Your shoulder is warm
and I am comforted.
You heart beats within
my ear
I am happy to have
you so close
Please let this
moment last
Let us forget the
time, and allow
the moments to swirl
around us like leaves
fallen from a tree
Hold me, and let our
spirits entwine
For this is truly
Our hearts  beating
Our lungs breathing, our blood flowing
our embrace is a union of love and
Hold me, let me breathe  in your
Hold me, let me stay just awhile
Hold me, the hours are passing quickly
Hold me and the morning sun rises,
hold me and I awake from this
dream of desire….to be loved by



  yshaincebu wrote @

you have captured the right words to express what i’m feeling. i love it.

  Kumar wrote @

Instead of Hold me, it might be good if the title was kept as Hold me Tight

  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @

Oh, yes….I see what you mean….!!!!

Thanks for the reply!:)

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