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What? Again? Not Me!

I thought there was an attraction….but What?  Again?  Not me!

I thought you felt what I felt…but not so….What?  Again?  Not me!  Always

making mistakes in judgement….lost in the sauce about men…..

Lost in the widerness of my weaknesses and flaws….

What?  Again?  Not me!

I want a person to like me for all that I am,  and am not!

I want a man to hold as a dear friend and companion….

But alas….What?  Again?  Not me….

I come bringing only myself…not much else…and again  I am turned away…

from me… most men naturally stray….I am not pretty,  and I am not cute…

I only seem to get the attention of some ugly brute!

What? Again?  Not me….
My birthday was the day after Valentines…I  purchased flowers for my

mother…not myself. 

I do not get birthday cards…because there is no one to give them to me.

Most men at my middleage level are not interested in me….not one bit….

So again,  I sit at home eating food,  home cooked, and chatting with my

mother and son….Every year it is always the same….

Alone on Valentines Day, and alone on my birthday….

What?  Again?  Not me…not me to be considered as a love interest….so Alas…I move on to the next day and quickly forget the past of   February 15, 2009….So  that I will not recall the negative implications of what it means to be 48 and alone  for the 13th year of


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