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My Heart is Full

At no time in life
has my heart been so
Full of joy,
full of sorrow
full of peace
full of hope for tomorrow
My heart is full
full of love
for God and his word
Renewed and re-filled
by the wonder of his
I feel like the song of
Solomon….”HIs Banner Over me
is Love”—
I feel a full heart…yet it is
a fullness that I fear will
change….I hope for great things
and yet I consider my frailness
and my weaknesses
I love you….I love God…
I feel full of hope for tomorrow…
but I cannot tell you….
So fullness ready to overflow…
Fullness of the heart….
Fullness of the spirit….
I love you….I love you…
I thank God for you…
I thank God for his love…
in Christ Jesus!
Lord…I pray give me
strength, and give you
strength and spiritual
Thank you Lord for your
HolySpirit…that is the
My heart is full….
Never in my life before
have I thought this could
happen twice in my life…
Help me Lord, if I seem like
Thomas…….Lord I believe…
but my faith is perfected
only in You Lord Jesus…
toward this new miracle in
my life…
For you have refilled my heart
and spirit with your Holy Spirit
and Anionting Fresh and new!
My heart is full of the Love of
God…and all of its’ wonderful
My heart is full
toward mankind…
to do my best…
to hand out a life
line to those in need!
My heart is full to overflowing
in love, peace and joy!
My heart is full!

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