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Love in Circles and Squares

I walked in the revolving door and
you followed me
We walked round and round like
children playing a game
Till finally we stopped chasing
each other and allowed ourselves to
be caught…..
So where do we go now?
We follow the square box that
leads to the meadow just beyond the
The grass is swaying in the late afternoon
sun as we walk toward the sunset pink, yellow
and beaming brightly ….holding hands
tightly ….not wanting this moment in
time to end.
You have to go home, and I have to leave
you and go to my home
I will miss you….I want you to allow me
to catch you again…and I want to allow
myself to be caught too….
Tomorrow or the next perhaps…but for now
I must continue into this square of
harsh reality and rules and regulations
I will meet you again-
soon….but for now
farewell, farewell, farewell

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