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I want to say I love you…
but when I see you I do not know
how to say it.
I saw you and my heart skipped a beat
and I felt a tingle in my feet.
I want to touch you ….but you run
from me.
The wind blew through the window and
the curtain moved, and you were gone!
So now I have no more Valentines Day!
For you have gone, so far very away!
Little me, silly me, large mistakes
that taste like pancakes!
Without the syrup…..Oh, my….why
can’t I just be little fly on the wall instead
of this bramble bush of loving thoughts
and painful heart….
I want to be in your presence all day long=
I wanted to sing you a very special song…
So come back, to little buttercup…that’s right
that is me…come back little sweetum…
buttercup…..YOu see me….I miss you…
I keep looking up into the sky…for a
sign of your love…for me!
Can’t you see?


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