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Thanks to the Legend of Bagger Vance….My son played with “POOL PUTTING GAME” from Marshalls!

We saw the movie “Legend of Bagger Vance.”   I had purchased a “pool” putter game about a month ago for my son.  But he did not touch it. 

 I tried to play it the other day…but I was ill.  But atleast I tried.  But after he saw the movie,  he changed.  Will Smith has a uncanny soft voice that paired with the beautiful cinematography…cast a lovely spell on me,  my mother and my son.

  The end of the movie moved me to tears…to believe for the impossible and hope to see those lost redeemed. 

 Excellent movie indeed!  Thanks  Will Smith,  it made my day.  Especially when my son went into the back yard early in the morning on Saturday and began teaching himself  how to get the golf ball into the 6 putter plates for an hour. 

He had hit the ball too much and the ball would jump OVER the putter plates.  Then he began to sense the “field” and the flow of the earth and feel his own heart beat in time and then he got his swing!!!! 

 He actually began to hit the ball into the putter plate with the proper angle, speed, and force. 

 The ball actually stayed inside and did not jump up and out like before.  I remembered Will Smith (as Bagger Vance) talking gently to  Matt Damon as Juna..explaining how to find himself in the “field.”  It was wonderful…beautiful,  and made me feel like I had been wanting to speak to my son about his goals and dreams for his life. 

 So I remembering the way Will’s voice soothingly, yet firmly directed him toward his winning shots in the game. 

So either my son ignored me, or he felt that he could relate to that movie.  Wonderful, thanks Will Smith for your great acting style. 

 And thanks Robert Redford for picking a movie to highlight the beauty of golf and the quiet spirit of each of its’ players!

post script….I only paid $5.00 dollars for the “pool putter game”—golf balls and all.–It was originally  $16.00!  WOW!

Till Next Blog….



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