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Where should I start?  The news is too much!  I think we will start with Jesse Jackson.  He has let me down this week!  But jealousy is strange isn’t it? 

And what about the New Yorker Magazine…dicpicting Obama and his wife is such a terrible cartoon?  I never saw any American Presidential Candidate dipicted like that in all of my 48 years of age!  What a disgrace….so Satire aims and putting every sterotype out there and giving it voice????  So many negative thoughts come to mind.  Wow!

Angeloina Jolie!!!  The babies….strange that Baby Jesus had no bed in which to lay when he was born.  There was no fanfare and no one cared.  His parents actually had to leave their home and run for their lives.  So what gives with such twins?  What is the indication that a female actress who conceives a child or two has to be shut in behind closed doors to give birth to what?  A normal child or two?  What is the big deal? 

I just wonder about the values and ethics of what people consider important in this world today.   20 million dollars for a picture of  Angolina’s twins….I hope they donate that money to the poor and the helpless children in various countries that are eating garbage  out of the garbage dumps in Brazil,  China, Africa,  and then getting run over by “garbage” trucks.   What about  people who do not have health care.  Isn’t it odd how people can find money to waste…but not money to save lives?  How many years have they been having “JERRY’S KIDS”-  BUT STILL NO CURE???  How many more years are they going to  have  walks for everything to raise money for every type of known disease in the world…but they can quickly give 20 millilon without having a fundraiser to take a picture of two twins?  What is the difference anyway?  Why does it not seem strange that people…corporations will spend  large sums of money on someone because they bring in the MONEY????  CASH COW,  CASH COW, CASH COW!!!!

Hancock is a great movie with out really any point.  Like…who is Will Smith as Hancock….actually—like you know…they said that he was an “ANGEL”—WHAT TYPE OF angel?  A Judeo/Christian Angel?  and Greek Mythological Angel?  What type of angel….what is the history…is this a to be continued????

In the movie “Wanted” —Anjolina played a limitless individual with a secret sad past.  It was strange to see her play second fidel….but then she out does the cast at the end of the movie.  And who was that weak–yet strong actor as the leading man.  Movies have really taken a new spin on PLAIN,  BORING  LEADING MEN.   “Wanted” was good flick….but it was a bit weird with paraphin…or wax tub thingy!

And back to Jesse Jackson again!  Please Mr. Jackson….please stop talking so negative….do you really want to destroy the campaign of OBAMA?  Is it that critical to you that you could not win  when you ran for president.  Remember…Prophets are not loved by everyone.  MAYBE YOU WILL BE A PROPHET AND NEVER A KING….

So getting back to my little rant and rattle….

till next time river of lifelisajoy!!!!



  goodtimepolitics wrote @

How about the song this person wrote and sings? http://goodtimepolitics.com/2008/07/17/fla-billboard-reads-please-dont-vote-for-a-democrat/

  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @


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