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Gus and RascalJustin Sullivan, Getty Images

Teed, left, celebrates with Gus after her pooch was crowned champ. Next to her is Dane Andrew and former winner Rascal, another Chinese Crested. Owners of ugly dogs from all over the country traveled to compete in the contest.


I had two of these Cresteds in my house when I was growing up.  My mother loved to help animals!  Our house became a haven rest stop…kind of like the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD for dogs and cats in between adoptive homes!  My mother’s friend Joyce had Yorkies that she breed.  Sometimes she would come across a breeding dog that no one wanted anymore.  My mother would take the dog in until an ad was placed in the local news paper and a adoptive home was found.  For some reason we ended up with the two Chinese Cresteds!!!


They were so funny and so full of energy.  I hated to give them up!  But I already had 3 dogs at the time.  My mother had a very large bungalo in Springfield Gardens Queens back then  We had the largest yard on the block.  We had an above ground swimming pool  also.  I loved my childhood for those reasons.  I had my own playground and adventure land.  Our yard had a large apple tree, and rose bushes all around.  I really, really  remember the joys of summer back then.

I digress… any how,  the Chinese Cresteds would come when I called them.  I used to call them THING 1 AND THING 2  or combination of  “THE NAKEDS!!!!”    I would say,  “NAKEDS….COME GET YOUR FOOD!!!!!”  And you know what they would do?  They would come running and slide into  the kitchen in such excitement I would just laugh and laugh!  They were adorable!

I kind of feel sorry for these Chinese Cresteds displayed in this AOL article because they  are sick and then being called ugly.  I mean naturally ugly is one thing…but a dog missing a leg, and one eye and having skin cancer is not ugly…the dog is sick.  Those dogs in perfect health,  look odd…but not ugly.

The Cresteds that we had were strong and healthy.  They had the tuft of hair on the head, ears, tail, and privates…but they were cute!  They were not missing any teeth, they were quite young as a matter of fact.  So again,  I feel that the dogs they are showing as a competition means, well, that they have to get old and sick before they can compete in this UGLY DOG COMPETITION. 

I liked their skin,  one Crested looked like an pink complexion and their other had brown complexion.  I thought they were like people….they were hilarious…and good spirited!  They loved tons, and tons of affection!

They should do a competition on the world’s best looking Crested!  You know…it would be better than seeing these dogs at their worst state….sickly and lacking legs and eyes.  Who would want people to see them in ill health and have a picture taken at their worst?

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  Angela wrote @

I am so glad you wrote this about the Ugly Dog Competition and Chinese Cresteds! Thank you!
As a Crested owner myself, I find it really difficult when people call my dogs ugly. You raised an excellent point about the winners of this contest being old and/or sick.
Cheers to you!

  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @

Thank you for your response. Give your little Baby Cresteds a hug and a kiss from me!!!

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