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I think I have told you guys, and gals this before…..I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP! 

BUT…this Sweeny Todd FlicK is rather disturbing to me.

  I do not like alot of blood and gore and I feel nervous about plays and movies that focus on REVENGE.  Passionate crime, or crime for lets say….John Q.  in which Densel Washington plays a father who was in a fight for his child’s life….those type of movies with a focus on violence for a “cause”  I can watch. 

 BUT ….this Sweeny Todd Movie…I know, I know….it is a movie that was adapted from a BroadWay Play.

  Look,  I have sung alot of the songs from that play without really knowing their origin. 

 I had this “tape”–yes!  I said tape,  a very old tape– featuring Barbara Striesand that was only tunes from BroadWay and ‘PRETTY WOMEN’ was sung by Barbara Striesand.  Imagine my shock when I heard Johnny Depp sing it!  Wow! 

The violence was more intriguing….than appalling.  I was overcome by the amount of blood spraying from the victims of Sweeny Todd. 

What was funny….but should not have been I guess…was how Sweeny Todd, (a.k.ak Johnny Depp)  sat while the baker woman sat day dreaming him through her life and hopes. 

 It was comical because he only seemed  to display emotion when he was contimplating murder and the use of his barber blades.  UGH!!!!! 

Johnny Depp did a fabulous job in taking my mind off of Pirates of the Caribbean for a while. 

But  I did not feel any type of “friend in my head attraction”  to him in this movie.  The Sweeny Todd character portrayed by Johnny Depp made me nervous, and uncomfortable and had me bordering on contempt. 

 Some characters make you feel compassion,  (i.e.  the SANDMAN–in the last SpiderMan movie). 

You could relate to a man who was not very well educated, and lacked the skills to support his family….but SWEENY TODD WAS PSYHCO!!!!

Sweeny Todd’s attitudes changed from dark, to darker, to darkest.  He was only happy as he was about to slice and dice his victims.

He became a serial killer when he sliced his victims to make meat pies!  Talk about a happy butcher!


  See,  today is June 1, 2008 and a man just sliced up his girlfriend and jumped from a Stock Exchange building. 

 So,  based on all of that….the Sweeny Todd movie is not cute, or funny!  There are too many psyhco people committing crimes based on slicing people up! 


My son loves this movie!  He loves the music and the singing.  One strange line in the first song at the begining of the movie was sung by Johnny Depp…”The World is a big blackhole with a big deep pit….and people inside it are full of s…it!

Terrible lines….was that really in the play too?  UGH!!!  Of course my 15 year found that line hilarious!  OMG….IMAO ETC., ETC., ETC.,

So,  again,  the movie film was probably alot of ‘BLUE SCREEN’ by the looks of the London streets, and the people too. 

It was so dreary…I do not think I could have taken it on the full screen in the theatre….I am such a scary cat!  Ya…know?

But over all,  it was interesting.  But just not my cup of tea.

  I like more of a endearing Jack Sparrow Character …who I love inspite of his bad, so very bad behavior!

  Jack Sparrow smiled,  had style, and charisma….Sweeny Todd was dark and forboding and had no vision toward the future….just murder and mahem!

 Too dark for me.  I need to see the ‘LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL’….BUT TO EACH HIS OWN. 

 My son is keeping this flick in his personal bag for video games, and movies that he likes alot. 

Till next blog….

Oh,  the next movie I will discuss will be


Another excellent but disturbing flick!


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