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Archive for April 24, 2008

Here it is Folks!!! I predicted it back in November! Oh, My Gosh!!! As reported on 1010 Wins Radio Station at 9:00 AM today April 22, 2008! $4.20 for Super at the Pump! In Bayside Queens Exxon Station on Horace Harding Expressway! As told by John Montone of 1010 Wins Radio! (**4/22/08**) Too close for comfort!

Look,  I know I seemed extreme back in November….but here it is!  On primary day in Pennsylvania!  Gasoline has risen to the dreaded $4.00 in NewYork.  What is the point of driving anymore? 

I had just told my mother that I wanted to take her and my son out on a small day trip. 

Maybe a trip out to RiverHead to the Aquarium!  No way now.  What do the Gasoline and the Opec companies think that  a single parent on a limited income able to afford? 

  I just paid my $1600.00 rent and now I have no money.  I can barely buy food.  What is going to be the next move?  And yet they have these so-called highrise buildings going up for the upper middle class that made $70,000.00 per year.  Who can afford the mortgages, and the rents?

  I sold my mother’s house two years ago.  I guess I was lucky.  But not really.  I am not making any money off of the tax write off.  What a disgusting economy and recession that we are living in. 

 This is disgusting.   I am tired of the politics being played with my child’s future.  I hope this election year hurries up and moves—we need a president now!  We need change Now! 

We need to rearrange the circumstances of our economy before it is too late.  No body has the money except the wealthy and the upper middle class. 

 People who work in blue collar jobs, except for nurses,  transit workers,  Postal workers,  Sanatation Workers,  Police etc.,  are one paycheck away from homelessness. 

 And to be honest,  those of us with good paying blue collar jobs, are also one illness, or one paycheck away from foreclosure, and homelessness!   Many people that live in LongIsland are struggeling with mortgage payments,  as detailed in a NewsDAy article a couple of weeks ago.  

The Longlsland folks are struggeling so badly that they are seeking food pantriesv to feed their families.  I had detailed my food pantry struggels in November!  NOw in March….Longlsland NewsDay detailed the upper middle class and their “food on the table struggels.” 

Where is this all going to end?   I am truly scared out of my wits!   I do not want to alarm anybody….but just start making a real effort to contact  your elected officials and start and real effort to make it happen.

I will add more information about the gas as I go out today and see for myself. 



Yesterday I took my son and his two friends to play tennis at the FlushingMeadows Tennis Complex where the yearly US Open is held. 

 I was looking through the internet and happened to view the complex and its history.  I have been there for the US Open Kids day for several years now in August. 

 That is when Venus and her sister and all the other famous players come out and vie for the money and prizes etc.  But as I looked I found out that the complex is open throughout the year for a 11 months to the general public!  So  I called and made a reservation for my son to go play. 

 His tennis buddy, who attends the Junior Academy of Youth and Tennis  of SouthEast Queens founded by  Bill Briggs (www. youthandtennis.org)  and  his buddy that he graduated from the private Grace Lutheran Church and school (grades kindergarten through eigth grade),  were quite happy to go with us. 

 I reserved an outside court for $24.00 at 6:00.   Boy,  yesterday afternoon had perfect weather!   It was not too cool,  not windy at all.  It was sunny and perfect!   Wow!  I was happy for the kids that they could get out and play. 

It was clean, green, pristine…  not one bit of broken glass or garbarge to be seen anywhere! 

 What is my problem?  We should have been coming here before!   I always thought that this fabulous Tennis Complex was off limits to the general public! 

  What beautiful 5 star accomodations for the average tennis player,  or the youth tennis players. 

 I will be taking my son there from now on.  YOu know,  look….I could take him to Cunningham Park,  but the court grounds need to be updated.  So Cunningham courts are grainy…and full of tree twigs, leaves and stuff that could make a player slip and fall.  

   The pristine courts at the Bill Jean King OutDoor courts makes you feel….Yes,  yes!  This is how it is supposed to be. 

 Although I have not played in a while….I can’t wait to go buy a pair of sneakers….But in the meantime there will be more opportunities to take my son….Get out there people…..There was hardly anyone there….I actually felt safe...there are gates all around and there is controled entrance to the grounds —Thank G-d! 

 I sometimes feel nervous at the LIberty Park Tennis Courts because it is so close to the streets where large trucks and busses go. 

 The  Liberty Courts are okay….but it was just the appearance of the FlushingMeadows courts and the nice clean appearance with clean benches for weary tennis Mom’s and spectators! 

 Thank you Mayor Dinkins for such a beautiful addition to Queens!  I had heard that he got a bit of flack for building it…but it was well worth the investment! 

 So you tennis buffs….get out…the weather is good….go rent a court and see how much you like it. 

Hey,  $24.00 is nothing to invest in yourself, or your child’s health…..Get out from under that television or video game…or should I say “computer”????  LOLOLOL!   Yeah…I said it….push yourself away from this little article and come on out into the day light and get some healthy activity going for yourself. 

You will feel better!

Till next blog…..

Oh, and they have people to string your racket if you need it.  My son popped his YONEX  yesterday…so you know what that means….get it re-strung!

(Price for stringing between $30-$40 dollars)—6 to 7 days per week…all day!

Look for the little Tennis Proshop next to the Bubble entrance!!!!!  Parking Lot A

Have Fun!