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Archive for April 13, 2008

BEOWOLF! MOVIE REVIEW~~~~~ What a Great FlicK….3-D Animae–Check it out on DVD!

I thought the movie was a regular film.  But the representative of Hollywood Videos told me that it was blue screen with the dots on the actors and everything else was animated computer generated characters. 

 It was very interesting,  dark,  foreboding but good.  I felt sorry for one of the worse Monsters…poor Grendel.  Oversized, and with his eardrum on the outside of his ear.  He had supersensitive hearing,  severe disabilties and a bad disposition…plus a liking to eat raw people heads! 

 Yuck!  But when Beowolf smashed his arm, (Grendel), in the Hall door he spoke in such a yearning squealing voice he  made me have a bit of compassion.  Anyway….I guess I have a weird sense of compassion. 

 But the King who brought poor Grendel into the world by  his intimate relationship with the Mother (Angolina J.) was happy to be free of  his “shame” and torment of his “son” Gendel. 

I gotta go….I’ll be back later….going to a Met game….already late too.

I finish this up with I return!—Hey!  Didn’t say I was a Met Fan…..I got some good tickets….ya know?  Write to you later!