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WENDY’S BREAKS HAVE BEEN CUT SHORT? –Wendy Williams and the continuing EEO dispute

I was listening today as I went about my daily personal errands and I heard Wendy Williams and Charlemange.  I was annoyed because I heard this Old School R & B Music. 

 Wendy interviewed Robert Verdie, (some high haute fashion guy).  They had quick banter and silly jokes and some discussion on fashion and designe.  Quite boring.  Suddenly Wendy states,  “Talk fast,  they cut my breaks and I have to play more music!”  I felt rushed and frustrated! 

 I heard Wendy stated before a this celebrity interview that Wendy was asking on air about an apothercery in her commuinty.  I wondered why Wendy would ask for something in her neighborhood on the air like that. 

Why would you do that?  Even her side kick seemed uncomfortable with her highlighting her  neigborhood.  Strange I thought. 

 I began to worry about Wendy.  Although she is accused of committing and EEO violation —I do not think that she is beyond reproach like IMUS.  I do not think anybody knows where Howard Stern,  or Don Imus live. Please take care and continue to highlight the funny stuff and the celebrity gossip that you do so well!


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