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Archive for April 5, 2008

WENDY’S BREAKS HAVE BEEN CUT SHORT? –Wendy Williams and the continuing EEO dispute

I was listening today as I went about my daily personal errands and I heard Wendy Williams and Charlemange.  I was annoyed because I heard this Old School R & B Music. 

 Wendy interviewed Robert Verdie, (some high haute fashion guy).  They had quick banter and silly jokes and some discussion on fashion and designe.  Quite boring.  Suddenly Wendy states,  “Talk fast,  they cut my breaks and I have to play more music!”  I felt rushed and frustrated! 

 I heard Wendy stated before a this celebrity interview that Wendy was asking on air about an apothercery in her commuinty.  I wondered why Wendy would ask for something in her neighborhood on the air like that. 

Why would you do that?  Even her side kick seemed uncomfortable with her highlighting her  neigborhood.  Strange I thought. 

 I began to worry about Wendy.  Although she is accused of committing and EEO violation —I do not think that she is beyond reproach like IMUS.  I do not think anybody knows where Howard Stern,  or Don Imus live. Please take care and continue to highlight the funny stuff and the celebrity gossip that you do so well!


Will Smith: “I am Legend” –Disturbing and Gritty

My son wanted to see this movie for a long time.  I finally purchased it.  22 dollars.  See,  I cannot afford the high prices of cable.  So I buy my movies.  I listen to 1010 Wins and catch the news there on or in a newspaper.  Look….rent is $1600.00 per month.  I digress….endlessly. 

So back to Will Smith.  He looks great as always.  I thought he looked his peak in I Robot.  He was super hot in his black leather trench and black leather Converse sneakers. 

 He mentally and physically matured so much in that movie that I almost felt a bit bashfull watching that I Robot flict (you know….when he took a shower!–wOW!)  agAIN….I digress!

 Anyhow,  I watched “I Am Legend”  and I was a bit stressed out by the filming of the movie.  Because I cannot stand to watch back shots of an actor in a movie where it appears that danger is lurking around every corner.

  Thus I kept jumping,  and  hiding my eyes.  My son of course teased me and said, “Oh, Mommy PLease!” 

I loved his dog  Samantha.  She as a trained dog was great.  Will Smith had a gentle and relaxed way of handling the dog and the dog responded well within the scope of the movie. 

 I could not take it when the dog ran into the darkened warehouse and Will Smith ran in behind him in pursuit of the dog and the deer.  Ugh!  I could not sit still to watch this. 

 Mind you….I would not have acted so badly in the movie theatre….I only do this stuff at home!  The diseased grey folk that come out at night due to their weakened skin issues…were quite ugly ….but not as scary looking as I expected.  I just had a problem with the set up  filming. 

 I was a bit annoyed with the character that Will Smith played.  He was fine up until the dog became infected with that dreaded disease.  Once Will Smith had to “kill”  the dog he became careless,  or just did not care any more because he thought he was the last man on earth.

  His thoughtless actions brought him to what appeared to be the last woman on earth and her son.  However, he was injured because the leader of the grey folk had set Will Smith’s character up by placing a maniquin in a location far away from where Will Smith’s Character was used to seeing it. 

 Thus he went bonkers and began shooting his rifle, then he was picked up by the leg and fell on his own knife stabbing himself with it.  Then of course the hounds were let lose on Will Smith and his dog.

  The dog was injured and so was he.  Because he was so upset and out of his mind with loneliness and loss of his wife, child and now his dog,  Will Smith’s character went on a rampage. 

He just ramed hs SUV into the grey diseased folk,  nearly tossing himself and the Suv into the drink off of the dock.  The grey folk kind of helped out by jumping on the hood of his SUV which kept him from falling into the water.  However,  the grey folk and eventually turned the SUV over and he was on the verge of being dinner when a bight light shone and he was taken out of his car. 

He held conciousness long enough to give his address to the mystery person.  When he awoke he found the only other person that he thought to be alive.  However, he became a bit pissed off when he realized that the woman had made powered eggs and used bacon that he had been saving.  Question….how long can bacon stay good? 

Three years worth of saving?  Oh, maybe it was frozen?  Well, anyway,  Will Smith’s character began to annoy me at this point.  He was  unclear in his thinking,  angry,  frustrated, and scared.  Normal feelings right?  But for some reason,  he began to lose me my compassion. 

 My compassion went to the woman with the child.  She was quiet,  tranquil and had faith.  She believed that the impossible could be possible.  No fault to the writers of the flict. 

 But I did not feel sorry for Will Smith as he gave his life inorder to perserve life for the future generations.  I was thankful that the woman and her kid made it away from that place.  I was glad that the tension of the movie was complete and finished. 

There were several cartons….Japanese Animae….I guess after the movie was finished.  I did not like the dark quality.  My son loves Japanese Animae so he had no problem watching that.  Lots of blood, eating peoples intestines, and killing.  Not my cup of tea. 

Will Smith played a gritty role….he is excellent as always….Yep the Black Tom Cruise of the Cinema.  You go boy!!!!!

I had more feeling for his character in “Pursuit of Happiness”….The role Will Smith played in that movie drew my heart to him immediately.  Gone was the slick, mean, clean, fighting macine of I Robot, and in came the look of struggeling John Q Public…trying to go from “rags to riches”. 

I could totally relate to his struggles.  I loved his tender ways with his son.  But he also showed the side of a father coping with homelessness and pulling his child through that circumstance too. 

 The best and most touching part of The Pursuit of Happiness is of course when he accomplishes his goals and his awarded a job.  Smart yet humble man.  I cried each time I watched that movie. 

It made me feel as though there was hope for the rest of the struggeling single parents….or any struggleing person for that matter.

Will Smith, is great.  I watched his comedy in the early days of his career and now I get to see him mature as an actor and play roles that have never been played with such dignity and respect from the general public….white, or black. 

I am truly proud of him as an actor and as a humanbeing.  In light of Martin Luther King’s goal for all people to be given the opportunity…..Yes,  Will Smith,  Martin Luther King would be proud  too.  Keep up the good Work!