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Theme Music From Video Game “Legend of Zelda” makes me Cry–Why? My fourteen year old son loves it!

CLICK– here for the legend of zelda music. also check smashbros.com music and look for the music there.duckies at playI found that my son continues to play the theme from the Legend of Zelda Video game. It has a classical sound and it is themed with a flute and a delicate harp arpeggio.   The   video game  Legend of Zelda is about  a little  boy called   Link who plays the flute and has to go through various routes  and adentures to save the Princess in the game. 

 Zelda  and the Twilight princess has the  feeling of the knights in shining armour.  Except the actual age of the lead character of “Link” is a 12 year old boy. 

 Link in the most recent game that I purchased can take the form of a dog.  The dog in the video game reminds my son of his favorite dog Angel that we had to give to the ASPCA when we moved a year ago into our new place.

  We are  renting and I had no one to give the dog to in such short time.  We still mourn the loss of our dear sweet Angel. 

 Link as the dog fights different villians throughout the game, while this very touching classical flute   and oboe themed music plays gently in the background

 But what is making me cry–literally  cry is that my son who has been having a certain medical condition since he was 12 years old (like the character Link that he loves so much!)  has now found a way from the computer to play the various theme music to the Legend of Zelda.

Twilight princess music contantly  plays  whenever my son  is doing his homework.

  Before he was just playing rap music, like Snoop Dog, T-Payne, Common, and 50 Cent and other rappers of that type. 

 But suddenly the beautiful classical sound of the theme music to the Legend of Zelda is  played throughout my house. 

 It is beautiful and touching theme music that is played throughout the video game, in the form of “marche’s, suites, etc. 

 It is touching to me  because I play the classical orchestral cello with pieces from   classical composers such as  Mozart, Bethtoven, Brahms, etc.

  I love the classics.  But did you think that such beautiful music would  come from a video game?

  It is modern classical music.   Ever think that video game makers would realize the impact of the theme music (  on 12 year old to fourteen year  old)  might have? 

My son  has been sick recently and it seems to be the only thing he keeps playing from the nice strong bass and acoustic music amps that are hooked up to my computer. 

 He has placed it within the computer memory and now it continues to play even while he is asleep. 

 When my son suffered a seizure two weeks ago, he had been looking at the computer and reading information on the video game Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and then he had suffered his medical emergency. 

The music had nothing to do with his sickness….but it seems that he plays that Zelda music more since he got sick. 

 It seems to comfort him.  He loves that game.  His peditrician told me that my son’s condition has nothing to do with the video games that he plays. Strange huh?

So this music from that game has a two fold affect on me….it is beautifully written, and my son keeps playing it at every given chance he has. 

 Understand, he goes to highschool and he is attending a college board school. He is very bright. 

 So why this attraction to that theme music to that video game. 

Oh, well, at least I   get a break from 50 Cent, Lil’ Kim, and even Kanye West for that matter! 

Till next blog


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