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LIFE STARTS HERE.jpgI sometimes grow tired

I wonder when will the hard times end.

I gather myself, and look around

I find the strength within

A face, a glance a smile and there

I get myself back on the road again.

Why do I complain when I look up into

the sky down comes the rain

The rain that feeds the crops for food,

and gives water for drink and

prevents forest fires

Shall I complain when I have a job

just because someone there does not

like me?

Should I complain because someone in

the family is sick

atleast I have a doctor and health insurance

So as well meaning friends and family have

repeated to me so many times

Learn to be thankful for the bad times

For those times might be better than times to come

Issues in the future from which you would like to

gather yourself and run

Don’t look down at the road and mumble that it is

bumpy—atleast the road is there

Do not despair for life is for those who grasp it

and hold tight…

never to give up the fight.

If I had a dream for a castle and and prince

that never came to save me –no worry

for I must go forth unsaved by the knight in

shining armor….I will reach for and save myself

gather myself, and go forward and handle the future come what


And be very, very thankful for the bad times….even for today.

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