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Archive for December 25, 2007

Charles Darwin and Natural Selection The Frilled Shark in Japan…It might have been part of your Dinner tonight!

According to the National Geographic there is a living “fossil”  that may soon be extinct for real.  But what got me was the fact that they are saying that it has been pulled from the sea by the ocean dredging sea trallers in Japan.  They said that it gets put into fertilizer and animal food!  It may have even shown up at my dinner table!  UGH!!! I love animals and the circle of life….but I do not want to eat every animal in nature!  This is getting ridiculas!  The fishing companies appear to be so greedy that they are pulling animals out of the water and then throwing it on the table.  Question:  Did you ever see the movie called “HOST”?   It is about sea animals in Korea  being polluted by chemics dumped into the water and then being mutated into a new speicies and the terrible events that lead to a little girl that gets killed by the monster.  But the monster of itself is not at fault.  It is the polluting of the sea water natural enviornment that has caused the weird animal to attack and become an out of control negative in the world.  That movie really did not mean much to me until I read this article about the Frilled Shark and how it may be in my own sea food and I not know about it.  Because in the movie The HOST,  the baby mutants were shown to the movie audience to be in cans of sea food like shrimp and squid that the Korean actors were eating during the movie.  So when I read this article it kind of made me realize that all though the movie was a Sci-Fi–flict….it had some truth –to it.  Art imitates life and life imitates art!

So take a look at my friend that nearly extinct Frilled Shark…..