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I am updating this to tell you I recently I purchased gasoline for $3.25  for regular gas!  This is bad—but still moving up higher!

***** HELLO METROCARD—GOOD BY WARM CAR,  107.5  Steve Harvey, or 97.1 Ms. Jones in the Mornin”,  or cranky Ed Lover Radio Show. 

I have to kiss my early morning driving life good bye! I cannot afford to drive to work anymore.  I did overtime tonight and had zero gallons in my car.   I went to a Mobile Gas Station and the Gasoline is now ****$3.29**** per gallon!!!! ???? 

This is a moment of prayer—please exuse me….Oh,  you can join in if you like—-

Dear Lord,

Please,  help me,  help this world.  Lord help my finances.  Lord please stop the wars,  and the man’s inhumanity to man— It is getting more difficult as the days go by. Help us Lord… the world needs an answer.

Thank you

I had to pray just now because on Saturday the gasoline price was $3.14 at one gas station and then across the street at another gas station it was $3.19.  I asked the gas station attendant why it was more expensive  across the street,  the  attendant told me that they get this “phone call”  and they are told to raise the price up higher.  He told me that he was just about to raise it from $3.14 up to $ 3.16.  He was just a few pennies cheaper than the gas station across  the street.  I said,  “Oh,  no.”  

 Deep forboding fear began to slide up my throat, into my ears, and my head.  I began to feel  very uneasy,  kind of like when the doctor is holding your test results in his hands and has a grim look on his face. 

 I began to feel  a sickening weakness in the pit of my stomach.  I suddenly felt hungry and tired at the same time.  I felt a wash  of  quiet chaos sweep over me.  Kind of like a silent movie of a hurricane  with the trees blowing and being tossed without sound to acompany it. 

Lord help me.  I have been running to those gas stations trying to pay the already high gasoline price.  And now the gas as of tonight at 930p.m.  is $3.29 and climbing! 

The Mobile Gas Station man sitting behind the cash register was a pleasant man of middle eastern decent.  He smiled and was compassionate.  He spoke with a thick accent….but  I understood every word he said.  He said He had just got the “phone call” to raise the price!   Oh my!!!  I asked him how high did he think it will go….He told me that it will go  up to atleast $4.00 or more by next week. 

That sickening feeling began to take over again.  I felt like I was dreaming and everything was going  slow and fast at the same time;  kind of like a nightmare. 

I had to venture one more question—to increase my misery just a little bit more—-I said, “Why is this happening?  Is this because of the war?  He said, “They will keep raising it.—-bad economy—bad ecomony here.”  I said, “Why?”,  realizing that this was bringing me into a thought of how my love of driving would soon to be changed to love of  bus riding within the next few weeks.

I told the Gas cashier man to give me ten dollars….it do not even reach the 3/4 tank level.  I saw myself leaving at 5am and  walking ten blocks with my unlimited metro card to the bus stop in the pitch black of the early morning.  I have no choice.  I am scared to be out that early—but I cannot afford nearly a hundred dollars $100.00 to fill my tank either!!

So I have to pray—I start work at 7 am in the morning!!! 

Heating bill will go up also—said this Sueth Sayer of the Mobile Gas Station!   I have a high bill still hanging on from last year.  Oh,  Lord—help us all!

Dear Elected Officials—

What is to become of our economy?  Subprime lending—especially in the Black and Latino Communities—as if we didn’t know—but were powerless to do anything about it because we all want that American Dream—(To be a home owner,  with a two car garage and two children and one dog family fantasy!!!

—Now the gasoline  prices for both or one car is challenging our safety,  and welfare!   The fuel  for heating the houses and buildings,  hospitals, and schools and office buildings shopping malls and factories (if there are any left in this country)  is on the rise.

  Which means commerce is going to suffer.   Corporations, and food stores are going to raise food prices,  medical bills,  taxes in order to maintain the fuel that runs this  country. 

 With out gasoline the buses cannot run.  Even though some of the buses are electrical they are not all electrical. 

What to do? —What to do?!

There must be a change coming! 

I am truly going to pray extra prayers tonight—I have to prepare to take the bus at 5am—There is no other way. 

 I have got to get to work.  I must get to work.  I will get to work. 

 I just pray and go forward.  My car will sit and wait for the weekend or nights that I know I have to work late….but I will not be able to afford the gas on a daily  basis. 

 I need a full tank to make it worth my while to drive.  It would be stupid to put just five dollars in the car everyday.  Thank God my son gets a full fare paid metrocard—

Where are the elected Officials?  What are they going to do?

I will continue to pray—because that $4.00 and some change gasoline hike might be coming next week.  I hope the Mass Transit does not go up…..cause I just got a 3% raise—is that enough to carry this new global economy?  I think not!!!

11/27/07 update

I purchased gasoline at a Mobile station on Sunrise Highway for 3.25 per gallon of regular but super was 3.85!!! so the regular was cheaper but super is on the rise!!—-that metro card is looking good.  I will up date later on this week!—check out my recent blog on Mr. Chavez and his threat to the United States about increasing the price of OIL and Gasoline!

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