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Putting Black face is offensive.  Wearing baggy pants below a descreet level on one’s body is also offensive.  One Is worse than the other but why? 

 If young black kids want to wear their pants around their ankles that is annoying and should be stopped.  But Young White college  kids who are the hope and future of this country wearing black face should be stopped because they are tomorrow’s leaders!!! 

Please let me correct that statement. Young black kids are also OUR FUTURE LEADERS….THAT IS WHY THEY MUST DRESS FOR SUCCESS!

 They may be the next George Bush,  Bill Clinton, Martin Luther King, or Condoleza Rice  or any other elected official who will have the strength and power of the United States behind them.  I would hate to hear that when I am in my 70’s or 80’s that  a man or woman was elected president and that person thought it was funny to imitate people who were enslaved, and mistreated because of their RACE,  CREED,  RELIGION, ETC., ETC., ETC!!!

 Freedom is not free—it must be continusously fought for and reclaimed. 

 Black people are still listed as 1/3 human in the constitution of the United States.  So how is it funny to make fun of a group of people—matter of fact the only people in this country who are considered  currently in the constitution as part animal and can sold as property?! 

 That is not funny and why was that never taken out of the constitution any way?  So let us ask our college presidents and their board of directors to make it a mandatory class for all colleges across the country to have a class on TOLERANCE OF RACE,  RELIGION,  SEXUAL ORIENTATION,  DISABILITIES ETC., ETC., AND ETC.,—

The ethnic myth is a alive and well and kicking people!!!  Let us take our respective heads out of the sand or pot hole. Teach yourselves and your children to respect themselves and others whether they look beautiful, cute,  pretty or ugly etc. 

 It is not worth it to dislike our fellow Americans,  and fellow humans around the globe.  It is counter productive and serves the greater harm for generations to come. 

That Hamline College needs to address that issue internally and externally by giving TOLERANCE TRAINING—Our young black men also need a history class on the struggles of the African slaves and their over coming slavery. 

 Then look at the Jim Crowe Laws that forbade blacks from drinking from a water fountain, after slavery was abolised.  Look up the old news papers that defined black criminals as ANIMALS AND BEASTS.—Maybe then our young black men will see the forest for the trees!!! 

Style is a state of mind….but Sometimes you have to MAKE PEOPLE RESPECT YOUR INTELLIGENCE AND GIVE THEM A REASON TO DO IT. 

Being black is not a crime,  being in baggy pants is definitely not a crime—but if you notice that style of wearing clothes came from the ‘jail house”—another dilema that we will address later.   

 College education is a must in today’s society.  So train your children to dress for success.  Weekend attire can be anything that they chose….but schools and jobs should present a certain atttitude. 

To sum up for now—The college students of Hamline need to be punished in a way that will do their hearts good.  Have them volunteer in a orphanage of children of color.  Have them help out at a homeless shelter and assist the disadvantaged and maybe they will find that their attitudes will readjust. 



  Denise Burns wrote @

This is a thorn of contention between me & my 17 year old honor-student son. I told him that we live in a society AND environment that judges us by what is seen on the outside! I do remember being 17 and the need for personal expression, but I also realize that there is a time and place for personal expression and then there is a time when decorum and a dress code must prevail.
I feel as though I am the last woman standing in a dying breed and it is truly stressful.
My only words to my son have been that “in life we have rules for many things, including dress. Leaders, CREATE trends, but FOLLOWERS are consumed by others’ ideals.”
Although I am an African-American mother, my prayer is that the fashion trends and other negative images that consume our kids of all races and cultures, not blind them to the fact that they are the future leaders of our society. Also, that “cool” usually represents those who are not only willing, but see it as a mandate, to walk to the beat of THEIR OWN (Inner) drum!!!

  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @

Thank you for your response Denise. I hope that all of our young men and young women can begin to see the difference between casual, and professional as they progress in life. I have faith in our youth! I believe that as long as there are parents like yourself, there will always be a future generation that will lead this country and the global community.

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