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What will become of my  Thanks Giving and  Christmas this year?  All of my energy and thoughts are about my freezing fingers while I am sitting here writing this blog!!! 

 I live in a house—I control the heat—but I am a single parent and care giver to my mother!!!!

What on earth is wrong with our economy?  What is wrong with the oil and gas companies ? 

 The problem is that the gas bill is still haunting me from last year 2006!!! 

 I have struggles man!!!  This is a brutal situation!!!  

 When I was a kid my mother did not have to suffer like this!  My mother owned her own house.  My mother always had a way of getting assistance.    

 How do the local politcians and  law makers think that  John Q Public—or Ms. Q Public is going to  survive? 

  They tell you to prepare an “Emergency Preparedness Kit”!!! 

Ha!!! Ha!!! Ha!!!  What do I do when there is not enough heat—-build a camp fire? 

 I can’t put the heat up too high —they just told us that oil and gas  are going to be a flat rate $200.00 or  more!!! 

 I picture them finding me frozen to the keyboard and staring blankly—then they will locate my family—one by one in their respective favorite locations in the house

—-frozen because there was no money to pay the high Gas bill —and as the great Gas utitlity likes to do—our heat was cut off!!!! 

 This is such a scary time that I am not sure what to do!!!   I went to KeySpan Gas Company and you know what they told me last year?!!!  They said that even if you own house—you are not allowed to earn more than $38,000.00 per year and have only one kid!!!!  What?!!!!   So I need to go make a BABY—at the age of 47 years old—so that I can make the quota for this stupid  HEAP REGULATION? 

  Most of my income goes to life insurance–,  for my untimely -or timely death  (probably due to freezing at this keyboard!!!)  So if heap refuses to help me—What am I to do?  

 They even told me I need to go get another job!!!???  I already work 40 hours a week!!!  My mother needs me home—My teenager needs me home—-



  Are there any law makers that care about single parent BABY BOOMERS WHO ARE CARE GIVERS TO THEIR ELDERLY PARENTS!?!?!?!    

 The politicians ask for my vote—but they soon forget me when they eat dinner at Ophra’s  in  California and around the  $2000.00  a PLATE TABLE  with THE  BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE that wear Dolce and Gabanna whatevers!!!!  AND  SUMMER IN THE HAMPTONS AND BEYOND!!!!  

 Hey!!!—I guess the Devil REALLY does wear Prada!!!!

—Where is the Heat?!!!!   Where is the $2.00 Gasoline price of yesteryear?!!!  Should we go back to the “BLACK LUNG”—Coal?—Oh, that’s right—the natural resources are dwindling too,  right?!—

  The Non-elected  and Elected Officials  do not seem to hear my humble cry!!!!—-Bloggers out there…..Do you feel  what I am blogging today?  Please tell me if I am wrong for complaining about the high cost of  Oil,  Heating Gas,  or Gasoline!!!

—-I need to get to work—I need a car in case somebody in the family gets ill.


 Dear Elected Officials,

  What can be done for the BABY Boomers who are stuck between the rules of our system that will not give a single parent caregiver financial asistance to decrease the debt to income ratio of the heat level in my humble abode— because of a ridculous  yearly income that Donald Trump and Ophra would laugh at!!!!!

Any assistance in my thought processes on this topic will be greatly appreciated!!!!!




  Dianne wrote @

We are freezing too. My hands are so cold I can hardly move my fingers.
We have an 11 yr old, and she is freezing. Our oil tank is empty, we have a wood stove someone gave us, but can’t afford to get it hooked up, its like a tease seeing it there. I don’t know what to do.

  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @

I really believe that something has got to be done about this. There must be some type of Al Sharpton of the Heat and Gas Oil Fighter some where. Possibly, letters to congressmand, and elected officials may get this the pubic attention that it needs. Thanks for your response and please take care of yourselves.—Look, this morning I am running to the food pantry at some local churches. Free food is what I need too. What–and they call me middle class?!

  Jacqueline wrote @

I am middle-aged and have health problems. I struggled to get a college degree as a non-traditional aged student because an education was supposed to be the “ticket out of poverty” – Wrong!

I found that I could not get a chance for a job becuase of being out of the workforce – hence no references – for YEARS. Even though middle class youngsters without “recent work history experience” are getting chances for jobs, no chances for the disadvantaged or the middle-aged similarly qualified.

Being self-employed struggling in a commissions-only gig selling insurance is the ONLY “job opportunity” that was made available to me. I make only $10,500/year gross – not net. After mandatory E&O costs, plus Internet, my net pay what I get to live on and try to keep a roof over my head is only about $5,000/year. My husband is a retired senior citizen getting $772/mo in social security.

When our local gas company raised our bills by almost triple since 2004, we were simply priced out on our total household income of $16,000/yr. We qualified for LIHEAP – but as poor older people without kids, we could only get $157 – for the whole year. Meanwhile, our local gas company had this program called LIRA where low income people could get a discounted monthly budget plan bill. But the increase in rates while our incomes have not increased at all has left us unable to meet these monthly payments of $141 – for just the gas alone – never mind electric and water!

So, now because we are poor and struggling and have been priced out of basic needs like heat and hot water in the winter, we sit here with no heat or hot water in Erie PA where not having this life sustaining utility is a life and death matter.

But nobody cares. The only Medicaid -accepting doctor in town has told my husband (who has a heart condition) that it is against the physician’s group’s policy to write letters of medical hardhsip to utilities for poor people like us…such a letter could possibly make the difference between life and death for us this winter where it is not uncommon for temperatures to dip into the single digits. We are currently using a kersosene space heater…but even with that, the warmest it is in our home is in the low to mid 50’s. And kerosene isn’t all that cheap anymore.

I fear we will die from the cold this winter because we cannot afford to pay the gas company the full arrearages of $924 + a $69 reconnect fee + $285 security deposit in order to get our service restored. We cannot bathe properly because it is simply too cold to wash up with ice cold water. I am succeptible to pneumonia – from the cold. We do not have well-off parents to prevail upon for help to be able to make it or to move in with. We are older and our parents are dead.

We will probably end up dead and nobody that can do something about unaffordable utility hardships on the poor seems to care.

  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @

I have read your comment. I would like to suggest that you might think about coming to New York City and get an apartment in a section 8—location. You have to contact the Department of Housing in the New York City 5 Boroughs. Sometimes you have to look into other areas for assistance. Call that place and see what can be done. I will keep you in my prayers. My thoughts and spirit fully understand you situation. God bless you and please call Department of Houseing in New York. It will not be easy to consider a move…but I wish for you health and a better higher quality of life. God bless…

  BARDO wrote @

I own a small factory that is struggling with energy costs in order to stay in business. I know what is happening and it all comes down to blackmail and greed. If you have seen the “tallest buiding in world” being built in Dubai, you know how much of our money is being siphoned off to the OPEC countries. This all really got out of control since we attacked Iraq. (check the gas prices against a calendar) . Our oil companies don’t really care what the incoming foreign oil prices are because they “mark up the refined products” according to a fixed formula they use based on crude prices.
It is cheaper for them to buy it rather than get it domestically. Look up any oil companies profits since the war began and you’ll see the same increases in profits. After all they can charge whatever they want. This is not going to get “fixed” quickly or at all-
Moving to a warmer climate like Arizona or Georgia, is something I think about more and more, even though I’m a New Englander. I am also seriously considering installing a coal fired heating system. I’m near retirement and don’t like the ideas I’ve mentioned much, but greed is a very strong force, and the people who are currently pumping the oil really don’t like the rest of the world. (that means us).
I expound on this because it has been our countries leaders all along that made cities obsolete and started the suburbia thing along with all the highway systems. Forget railroads- they are too efficient. The old promises of cheap oil are now sinking our ship. (along with the promise of cheap electricity). I won’t live long enough to see the changes that must be made. Move south or find another heat source is my advice. Unfortunately those choices are no longer cheap either.

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