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My visit to the Food Pantry and Why!

Flower of HungerFlower of  Hunger by

Riverof lifelisajoy- 2007

Mom!  What are we gonna eat Today?!

During my vacation

During the time that I am supposed

to be happy…

My son–you know–the one I prayed

for—asked God for—asked me

Mom?  What are we gonna eat?

I said let us look in the Fridge, and

see what we can find–

Only a package of Stove Top Stuffing–

Only some ketchup and

some pasta—

Plenty of ice in the Fridge—

Tell me, do you know the color of


The Color of Hunger is green to me—

Green like the bile that twists my

child’s stomach in two.

Green like the frustration of a world

filled with rules and regulations that

do not answer my son’s desire for food.

The next day we awoke and  ran

to my car and got in.

We ran to the ATM of my bank and found $$$$$Money!!!

I had been waiting for part of my pension loan to come-in!

We ate like Kings that day!

But what about the weeks to come? 

He needed school clothes,

books,  paper, and shoes and sneakers!!!

He even needed this computer that I am writing from!

Mom, what are we gonna eat?

It keeps ringing in my head—

That awful taste bile is still on my taste buds.

I made sure my son ate—he as to —

I ask God why?  Father why did

My life take such a turn that

You took his father from us–mother and child

and for nine years I have been struggeling and

being ridiculed on my job–

and turned away from food stamps by well meaning

clerks at the  “so-called” welfare department

I have been told to get a second job—and Now

I have found that some places will not hire you  for that

second job unless you have been in the  “welfare system”

I have a job—but it does not cover the debts—I make a set amount of money—so I may pay  rent—but not

be  able to buy enough food to cover me until the

next paycheck—What is a working

“so called—$38,000.00 per year” woman to do?

My job requires me to put insurance on my life—

I am worth more dead than alive—

Yet if I am gone—who will be there to care for my son?

There are no such things as God-parents in my present grouping of people I  have said pleasant “Hellos” to

at church, or work!

After my husband became severely ill and left us with out assistance

I found myself alone–looked down on —

Some people  shunned me for the sake of the

illness that took my husband from me—

The last taboo—

I will not disclose it –but it is a  taboo illness

and it puts a black cloud over the head of the family members

left behind.

So,  I have struggled for nearly ten years with out assistance to care for my Mom and my son!!

Some call me strong—I say that

I am simply scared that if  I don’t keep

working and taking care of them

we will all be lost!  and I have to answer

to God!—-

So imagine my anger,  my pain,  my sense of

loss and fear when my son asks me

“MOM,  what are we gonna eat today?” 

I pray no one has to know the shame of having to

put back food in the supermarket that your

child wants—NOT A VIDEO GAME–




The color of hunger for me during my vacation was GREEN!

Now I have found FOOD PANTRY!!!! 

I will go and get food for my family and I will feed my son!

Thank God for the Food Pantries that are in all


The food is free and there are plenty of

beans,  rice,  canned fruit and even potatoes!

Beans are protein and can be mixed with the brown rice

and you receive the same amount of nutrition as you

would from a piece of beef….Thank God for the Food Pantry!!!

We went today and received applesauce,  2 boxes  of cereal, two cans of vegetables, and two bags of beans!!!

No one has to know that I can not afford meat—ThanK God for the Food Pantry!!! 

While I was there I met a woman who said the

same thing I say—“After I pay

the rent—I cannot afford to buy food!!!!””

Where are the elected officials?  Do they know how high the food prices are—-Do they know how expensive it is for

single parents like myself  who only make a set income?

I will worry about that tomorrow—but for tonight

I   can tell my son—we are  going to eat and I will season it real good —and you will enjoy it—This food is from the

Lord above—Let us pray for those people who donate

to the Food Pantry!!


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