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False Advertisements and false prize winnings!!! NEED TO STOP!

FRUSTRATION.jpgI arrived home after a regular  day of work only to find a OFFICIAL NOTICE OF PRIZE AWARD!!!!—WOW!!!  WOW!!!


 This silly spam–through the mailbox of my house stated that I won and all I have to do is reply in a timely fashion and follow the directions.  I was also informed in this rather official looking document that I would receive $612,444.89 in additional prize winnings!  

 Somehow I never was told who or what was offering me this great prize —usually they tell you PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE—but this time it is just a direct warning that if I do not follow this directive I am not going to get my winnings!!! 

Finally I look at the bottom of the page and this highly intelligent rit—has informed me that I must—from the P.S. “You must mail the form below with your processing fee for us to process our application for access documents to major cash awards. 

 See Deadline below.  I look with one roll of my tired eyeballs toward the right and there it is the  HOOK!!!—The “award voucher” states—FINAL ROUND CASH AWARDS—Assessment & Processing Fee: $21.00 and security delivery Fee: $5.00—with a total amount paid—–What?!!!  I thought I won?!!  Now I ended up owing this phony piece of junk mail—-

HOW DARE THESE PEOPLE!!—Who sits around creating evil plots to get a lousy $21.00 from us poor working class?!!!!  That is why I do not play Lotto—-!!!!  

 ONLY  THE RICH PEOPLE,  OR RETIRED PEOPLE SEEM TO WIN LOTTO!!!!  Single Parent,  Care givers like myself——————————————————–


Every day I wake up I have won the right from God himself to participate in the human rat race to get that pay check and keep food on the table ONE MORE DAY!!!! 

 I never play Lotto!!!!  LOTTO IS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!!! 

 I am not going to sit here and lie—I have attempted to play Lotto after several people that I was friends with many years ago and proded me into it.  They felt sorry about my financial situation after my son and I were left alone due to the castastrophic illness of my husband.  But I did it half heartedly!   I had to put food on the table;  sneakers to purchase etc., etc., 

Why would I waste money on the stupid Lotto machine and their $50 million dollar comercial!!! ?

 The only people winning that money are the ones who make up that stupid comercial,  and the actors who pretend to be winners,  or presenters.  Also the guy in the Bodega at the corner of the block,  or any location where they sell that nonsense about a “Dollar and a Dream”—or ———————————————————————–

“YOU GOT TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT!!!—WHERE ON earth are the real human interest stories behind the LOTTO?

—-Same thing with that Publishers Clearing House “contest.” 

 There  should be a law against trying to get the poor working class folk to believe that we will  win against the odds!! 

 Look,  my husband sustained a terrible castastrophic– taboo– disease!  What were the odds on that?  A young man 35 years old and struck at the height of his job career and his family life—His life was forever changed and so was mine!!! Now if that had been some stupid Lotto,  or Official Prize Notice—I would not be writing this blog right now. 

Do you want to know where I would be?  I would  have completed my Master Degree,  went on to get a PHD.–and fund my son’s entire education,  donate, to worthy  causes—(which I already do) and  0wn my own book/music publishing company,  invested from my winnings;  my house would be in Delaware,  or PA—and my other house would be in Florida for the winter months. 

 People like to win big—and so do I.  Except my winning is the opposite—its is called losing!!! I would love to win one day!!! 

But meanwhile–let me stop this blog and get up —cook dinner,  and let my son do his homework.

  As I tell my son—study so you can have a better life than your MOM!   Financially of Course!  My faith in the Lord keeps me going.

—but my finances keep me running to work every day!!!—–not official prize winnings that I have to pay $21.00 for—and definitely not LOTTO!!!!—-Good luck all of you lotto players!!!


  in2play wrote @

I agree with you – I wish those stupid SPAM lotto winning ticket emails didn’t exit. But they do, and I happily delete them as they arrive. Sadly, I do know they prey on vulnerable people. Lotto is won by people from all walks of life – i know, cos I’m a lotto systems consultant, and happily advise people every day how to avoid scams, play sensibly and win lotto prizes frequently. It’s all in how you play the game – it has NOTHING to do with the numbers you use (cos lotto is a game of chance, based on a random selection of numbers).

Wishing you all the best, Mark
how to win lotto frequently

  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @

Thank you for your comment. Especially since it is an informed comment. Have a good evening!!!

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