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Flea Market Shopping-What is wrong with that?

I went shopping yesterday and I loved it.  I brought so many things for just buck!  I brought some black leather gloves for $5.00 and some hair conditioners and all like that for a buck a piece.  Closeouts most likely!   Whatever—it was sealed,  clean and worked for my present budget!!!!  Hey—I do not own a Lexus!!! But there were people at the Flea Market who do drive Mercedes Benz,  BMW’s etc.  How do you think the rich stay rich?   Certainly not by excessive spending!!!! 

I brought so much stuff when my son was small that my husband had complained!!! He said,”Where are we going to put all of these cars!!!  You see,  I found cars that my son could ride around in the back yard!  I even purchased a jogging cycle that I could place my son in while I jogged.  Green Acres Valley Stream Mall—at the Ciniplex Movie Theatre is the best!!!!  It is free for the shoppers and a fee for the vendors!!!! 

This bargin shopping is really my mother’s fault.  I am a controled shopper—but I feel ripped off if I spend a decent hundred dollars on any (1) item.  I have to be able to get atleast 20 items for the hundred.  Twenty well wanted—popular,  items for that hundred dollars. 

When I first starting working in the private sector in my twenties,  I went to Lohemans!!!  I was ultra thin and with a tiny Betty Boop waist—I found size 10’s for $10.00—marked down from $100.00 or more (((of course designer dresses!!!!)))  My mother tried to help me to dress to impress for the work world and it worked!!!  I work traditional exceptional looking dresses that cost less than the going rate. 

I also love Marshalls too!!!!   Boy—if I was Ophra Winfrey  I would not waste my money on buying direct from the designers—I would go to Marshalls,  or Lohemans—get my drift?  —Okay,  Okay—maybe I would not go to those stores if I was going to walk the Red Carpet—-but for everyday stuff—Lohemans and Marshalls HERE I COME!!!!

Now back to the flea market…..I like the flea market because you can get that every day stuff that is taxed so high!!!!  —No tax at all—really!!!  You can get costum jewelry,  blankets,  sheets,  shoes,  undies, men’s drawers,  boxers,  baseball caps,  cooking spices,  gardent supplies,  plants,  radios*,  cameras*,  TVs*, electronics*  (watch that stuff closely—do  not buy unless you have tested it and you see that vendor there every Saturday or Sunday)—But basically—even suitcases too!!!  Look–this is not shopping for the weak and fraile—you have to walk and look,  haggle a little—but not too much. 

I got a men’s jacket for my son who likes all the oversize stuff —guess how much I paid!???  $5.00!!!!  It is a current, unused,  brand new jacket?—Too hard to believe?!!!  Well, it is a weird story—but just before the man was to put the jacket away for  the end of the sale day a sealgull took his moment to release his digested meal on the front of the jacket.  —I had recently been blessed in the same way while walking through the Queens Farm Museum on Little Neck Parkway by some pigeons flying over head….so is that  a big deal to me?  I do not get child support,  and I pay $1600.00 per month in rent—my son eats and I do not get food stamps—single parent —widow to be exact—no assistance—So I am not cheap—$38,000.00 is the new POOR—like the idea that a 43 year old woman today in 2007 is the new 33 year old woman—you know savvy,  self aware—wearing youthful but elegant clothing etc.,  etc.,—-But my story is different—my 47 year old womanly self is the new 76 year old elderly woman—because I am the poor end of middle class with a hungry male to raise—ya –digg!?—-

So please do not judge me to harshly for buying a $5.00 coat with birdy doo on it—-I would prefer to shop at models or Macys—but I just cannot—-$40.00 to $200.00 is not possible on the debt to income ratio that I live on!!!! 

My son was happy with it.  He understands the problems that we are faced with.  As one of my other blogs talks about—What is the REAL price of Rent today—anyway!!!???  Rent has some many aspects that include neighborhood,  and quality of life—so that is why my pockets are bare…..Any one out there in blog land relate to this?—

So what is wrong with Flea Market shopping  any how!!!!????


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