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What is the real price of rent these days?


“My God,  My God—why hath thou forsaken me?”  According to the scripture, my God forsook Jesus for a short period of time during the ultimate scarcrifice….Jesus Life for my salvation.  As a Christian I have been experiencing some rather difficult times.  I have been without food,  without electricity,  without heat,  without a decent coat for myself and my child.  Why do you ask?  It all started when my husband became Paranoid Skizophrenic almost ten years ago.  I will not give all of the details but I will tell you that I had a mother in law that nearly destroyed MY life and my Child’s life. 

I had to think and pray…fast,  work,  talk to agencies and organizations to keep from losing the battle with that woman.  Although she was just a human being it appeared that she had the power more than humanly possible. 

 She tried to take my liberty and ruin my life.  However,  by God’s grace she did not succeed.  I was strengthened by a few people in my life.  My mother,  and a few people at work….literally a few.  I was surprised that churches did not offer any real help. 

 When my husband was put away for a month due to a court “mental Hygiene warrant—the church I attended at that time refused to visit him. 

They told me that they were praying for him and that would be enough.  They did not offer any food,  any money and they did not even come to visit me.  But as “Paul” stated…..”My God is suffiecient to meet all our needs, a

ccording to his riches in glory.”  It was not based on the people I would have expected to help me…Finally—life after nearly ten years has been hard…..but eventful—even filled with miracles.  Without the help of strangers and others (some not of my religious beliefs at all)—My son and my mother and I have been making it. 

 NO,  I have NO hatred for those out to harm  me…..I have too much at I am  trying to focus on.  My music,  my education,  my son’s future and the blessings that I had to open my eyes to see around me. 

 But getting back to the original title of this blog—“What is the real price of rent these days?”  Mine is $1600.00  per month for a 3 bedroom—-

You see—it is all about the NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!   Who can afford a cheap rent and live in a “drug infested,  gang banging, etc., etc., etc., area and leave your kid to walk to a bus stop, untouched,  or leave you elderly relatives in dangerous areas unsecured?  

 What is the price of rent these days?—Is it monetary?  Or is it peace of mind?—-Last week I had to go to the local church food pantry to get food.  I make too much to  be eligble for food stamps—-I was told I have to make another child to receive them.  I was told to go out and get another job. 

I was told I would have to be a drug attic by the local welfare department counselor or had my case and my request for simple food stamps  to feed my family. 

“What is the price of rent these days?”  I lost my house after my husband got sick, and I lost my credit rating because I could not sell the house without his signature. 

 The mortgage company—said you have to have both signatures to sell it—-don’t worry we are taking the house and they took it.—-So I end up paying rent—which is higher than my original mortgage—-$1400.00  —-

What was the point of all of that anyway?  Oh, that’s right….the mortgage company had to make a sale so the country could continue to go down in the subprime chaos—But as I recall from the begining of my blog—-

Jesus said, ” My God!  My God!  Why hath thou forsaken me!!!”  Sometimes I feel like that too….especially when I have no food on the table after I pay the $1600.00 RENT—DON’T FORGET THE GAS, ELECTRIC,  TELEPHONE BILL—oh—I do not have cable–

I do not have direct TV—but guess who does?  

 My  X- mother in law—-who retired from a high paying city job…..My income is limited due to medical condition of my child and my mother—-I also do not receive child support because my X mother inlaw made sure that my husband (mentally ill)  did not apply for any social security benefits.

  My son will be 18 years old in the next three years and has never been given any financial assistance except from me….the full time struggleing single parent!  Amazing right? 

You see my  husband was so mentally ill, and is currently been missing since 1998 and never received benefits….because my Xmother inlaw stated that she would make sure that I would never receive any financial assistance from my husband her first born son.—so I can not work too many hours past the regular 40 hour work week. 

 —-So really—tell me what is the “real price of rent these days?”  To be continued…..



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