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When Faith Feeds the Famine

I’m starting this off slow.  No need to rush. 

When I was entering my job yesterday on Halloween, the front door was slightly ajar.  I noticed it immediately after I said “Good Morning”, to a gentleman who had just returned to work after so weeks of a severe infection in his “left” foot.  A another person who has questionable disposition toward me,  said a quick, “Hello, Good Morning!!”  

I walked up to the door  and realized how happy I was to enter without having to ring the bell.  As I entered the building I heard voices down the hallway.  I proceeded  to walk toward my destination.  I entered the main office and the location of the voices was  clear to me now.  I heard, “Yeah!!!  She blah, blah, blah!!!!  And look at this,  she marked off the 25th and did not even go.  She had the nerve to tell us that she was not going.  We don’t care….we do not even want her here!!!!”

I looked across the hall to see the door to the office that I work in and share with others ajar –held open by an individual new to the worksite….replying “aha,  aha.”  I proceeded to say a happy, “Good Morning.”  The individuals separated and walked out of the room.  One stayed,  and I proceeded to sit down and make a pretend phone call to my mother.  The person who was making the rather loud complaints stood and then walked out…..being uncomfortable I would assume.  I sat quietly because there was a third person in the back room changing into work clothing.  Finally that individual exited and the original complaining person reentered the room and went into the bac room to get dressed.  I continued to stay inorder to maintain my position.  —My faith in comes to the fore front in the famine of humane kindness….famine of humane compassion, and famine of love.  I have been working in a hostile work enviornment for nearly 19 years since I started this occupation.  But in the last five years the famine has increased,  the harrassment is almost overwhelming at times.  BBBBBBUUUUUUTTTTT—-I have been given a way out!   I have my faith in the famine of the dark,  deep carvern of  man’s in humanity to man.  I have a few people to talk to me,  inspire me and tell me that I am a GOOD PERSON—I wonder where they come from.  But—to speed this up a bit…..I was walking in the hallway later on that day…and one of the people who is like a large glass of refreshing coconut  juice on ice….said to me, ” Keep raising those hands…..Praise him!!!!”   I did not feel like doing that.  I just did not feel it at all.  Later on I received a phone call that changed my view for the whole day.  A representative had called from my insurance company and said….”I’m calling to update your insurance polices.”  I  said,  I am glad you called.  I am wondering if I can have a loan on my policy?  The woman on the other end of the phone said….”Yes, I believe you can!”  I replied…..Why did you call me?!!  She said….”God works in mysterious ways sometimes!!!!”  I felt a deep rich feeling of feast of love, and peace overwhelm me.  I did not cry….it was too deep for that…..I felt awe—-epihany!!!!

I had to go to the food pantry of a church  on Saturday because I had no food to feed myself,  my 14 year old son, and my mother (76yr.old)  Why you ask?   Man’s inhumanity to man is why.  The Society that we live in has high rent,  low rates of evaluating people who need food.  If you have a child and you make the gross amount of 38, 000.00 you are not elegible for food stamps.  They do not count the $1600.00 rent,  the $200.00, car insurance,  gas bill, electric bill, etc.,  etc., Soooo, I struggle every month to put food on the table.  —-That is why that phone call changed my day… That cool glass of juice on ice….that fellow Christian….gave me the reminder to have faith in the midst of the Famine…..of man’s  inhumanity,  and then God can work wonders for all. 


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  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @

Well, I’m back home after another exhausting day. However, based on the this mornings blog I did have a chuckle today. But I also was worried too. My boss yelled at me and then I had to address an issue that wasn’t even my issue to address. Haven’t we all been through that? Tell me the truth guys. So I said my usual good night to people who refuse to say good night to soundless non reply. But my faith in the Lord continues to feed the famine of my soul in this sometimes inhumane world. There are glimmers and shimmers of life and light!!!! I do so enjoy that!!!!

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